The Hustle 360 Company is a fast growing public relations, crisis communication, media content production and business development firm. We are building a team of young, vibrant and well-schooled experts from the fields of technology, business, public relations, theatre and performance, graphics and electronic media, international relations, social media, and broadcast.

Our core services are:

  • Business Development
  • Creative Talent Management
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Media Content Production
  • Content Distribution
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis Communication
  • Publishing Administration

We also work with relevant external partners to meet specific project requirements and deliver in quality that would satisfy the needs of our clients. Our name (Hustle 360) defines our driving force and mission; we are here to take all kind of “hustle” to the next level and so, we have no boundaries, industry wise.

You probably have a sketchy idea that you want to develop into a money making venture? Talk with us, we are builders of dreams. We will analyze your ideas, research on them and come up with plans that will suit your resources and still be enough to turn that sketchy idea into a wealth accruing venture.

Our team is very invested in entertainment and so we have the large heart to carter for the career of talented persons. We process and fine-tune raw talents into consumable piece and deliver the fine-tuned product to the relevant audience. We manage your resources, contents and sell your image to appropriate investors.

If your music/video, films is being sold, streamed or performed globally, distribution alone doesn’t get you all of the money your music is earning. Without adding a publishing collection strategy to the puzzle, you are probably leaving money on the table and this collection of what is rightly yours requires that you register your works globally with performing and mechanical rights societies. This is the job we will handle for you as your publishing administrator. we are empowered to manage the copyrights of your music composition and performance and account for the income you earn from mechanical and performance royalties. We do NOT own a part of the composition, but we will get you registered in the system in exchange for a small commission on the revenue collected. We play the role of a kind of “distributor” to the global performing rights and mechanical societies to make sure your compositions are properly registered and collecting royalties wherever they are being performed (played on radio, TV, at live concerts, streamed on the internet) or sold.

A&R Managers are creative people with good business skills and a solid understanding of the music marketplace. It is not enough to like the music, an A&R Manager needs an excellent knowledge of the contemporary music scene and to understand what sells.

The main job is picking acts that will be successful and then working with the act to find the right producers and writers. The process is very much a nurturing one to ensure the band or solo artist impacts at the right time with the right material. We are here to give this opportunity to talented individuals.

In the face of crisis, the news agencies become excited that there is a story to tell and keep their thousands of audience busy and watching. They frame the situation in a way they understand which might be totally unfavorable to the image of your organization. We are not saying they shouldn’t, but our job is to arrest the situation and make it an opportunity to build trust and increase your market base. We look at crisis from the opportunity point of view. We also intervene in times of internal crisis.

Employee relations is key to smooth operation of every organization. Talk to us, let’s take care of your media relations, damage control and build trust between you and your stake holders in time of crises.

Top media content distribution companies are our partners. And so we can comfortably distribute and manage your contents on over 250 top media content sales platforms worldwide. We see your business as our business and so render free consultation on how you can improve on the quality of contents that do not meet the required industry standards and we will work you through the processes pf enhancing your contents to meet industry standards. We also monitor the performance metrics of this contents and give you feedback every month on the performance of these contents on our various distribution platforms.

The very first step of all our public relations approach is research to identify the interest of your specific target audience/public and other industry stake holders. This provides all the information we need to design audience specific messages and identify appropriate deliverables for such messages. Our PR experts are skilled in developing strategic publicity campaign for your products and the management of employee relations. Communicating with your stake holders to negotiate their interest is our core duty.

We are not just all about getting you millions of irrelevant likes or followers on social networks; we create and manage conversations between you and these relevant followers. Engaging the audience means so much to your business and that is what we are all about.

The success of your business solely depends on how you are able to captivate the attention of your stakeholders and retain them. Their trust in your services makes them automatic publicity persons for your company. We identify these stakeholders and map out strategies to keep them engaged.

This is a major concern to us. We care about quality so much that we have hired certified industry experts to manage and produce your media contents. We make creative, interactive and attractive still graphics, motion graphics/VFX, video production, audio recording, mixing and mastering, voice overs, animations, advertorials, photography, and bill boards that would create a lasting relationship between you and your audience. We are multimedia content production and distribution giants. We do not just jump into production; we listen to your original ideas as a team and convert these ideas into tangible formats. We are audio-visual experts that transform dreams into realities.